Wave 104.1

Wave 104.1
 Wave 104.1

Wave 104.1 Myrtle Beach Classic Rock Station

Call Sign: WYAV

Radio Dial: 104.1

Band: FM

Format: Classic Rock

If you’re a fan of Classic Rock, WAVE 104.1 is your Myrtle Beach radio station.

T&A Morning Show

Tommy and Abbi gets your day started at 6am with the T&A Morning Show.

Blues Hangover

If you’re a Blues lover, you don’t want to miss WAVE 104 Blues Hangover on Sunday mornings.

Scott Mann’s Headshop

Sunday nights from 9:30pm to 11:30pm, Scott Mann plays your favorite jamband tunes like, Grateful Dead, Santana, Allman Brothers, Phish and Widespread Panic, just to name a few.

Floydian Slip

Sundays from 8:30pm to 9:30pm, for all the Pink Floyd lovers. A full hour of the psychedelic sounds from the classic counterculture English rock band. Floydian Slip Host Craig Bailey works classic Floyd songs, deep album cuts and Floyd’s unique brand of ambient smooth transitions into a seamless blend of music and sound best described as a listening experience.

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Classic Rock All Day!

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