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 STAR 92.1

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STAR 92.1

Call Sign: WMYB

Radio Dial: 92.1

Band: FM

Format: Adult Contemporary, Morning Talk

WMYB STAR 92.1 FM On Air Program Information

WMYB STAR 92.1 FM Adult Contemporary

If the adult contemporary, alternative rock and softer rock sound is for you, STAR 92.1 is a good choice. Listen to the tunes of Sarah McLachlan, Avril Lavigne, Barenaked Ladies, Journey, Black Eyed Peas and Pink. They provide a very good mix of some of the more mellow rock songs with the newer alternative rocker songs.

The ACE & TJ Show

Based out of Charlotte NC, The Ace & TJ Show get your weekday mornings rolling from 6 to 10 AM. The show is heard on stations around the country. Hosted by ACE, the lead singer of the band Charity Case, and TJ who likes to use sarcasm to take his humor to the next level. The show includes a cast of favorites including Yankee Pete, Breezekat & Riggins.

Erin Wilde

Erin hosts Wilde Workday and plays the tunes from 10 AM til 3 PM. She is also a coach and cheerleader/dancer for the Warrior Girls….the dance team for the South Carolina Warriors, an ABA team. In her spare time, Erin runs a modeling agency in Myrtle Beach.

Bill Catcher

Every weekday 3-7 PM. Bill keeps you company and gets you home after a long day at work. In fact, while you’re commuting, listen at 5:30, because you can win “The Pot Luck Prize”. What’s the daily prize? Well, we can’t reveal that – because it’s a “surprise” – and it can be anything at all. But, be ready to call in to win on the Starlines at 843.448.9292.

John Tesh

After 10 years as co-host of wildly popular “Entertainment Tonight,” he surprised many by leaving the highly visible position to pursue his career as a fulltime musician.

Star 92.1 Show Schedule

  • 6a-10a: Ace & TJ Morning Show
  • 10a-3p: Wild Workday With Erin Wilde
  • 3p-7p: Drive Home with Bill Catcher
  • 7p-12mid: Intelligence For Your Life with The John Tesh Radio Show
  • Weekends with Temple
  • 7p-Midnight Saturday Night: The Ultimate Party with Tom Kent

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